Two drums, one simple design.

ALmix Duo Drum CF | The team at ALmix has been building and perfecting Duo Drum technology since 1990, so you can be assured that our solutions are rooted in proven technology and time-tested engineering principles.

Simplicity is the word for the Duo Drum ‘CF’ counter flow asphalt plant. The ‘CF’ utilizes a counterflow dryer with a mixing drum. Each is a separate unit. The mixing time is never too short and valuable liquids and additives are never exposed to extreme temperatures. This means you met maximum heat transfer efficiency and a correspondingly low stack temperature. The Duo Drum ‘CF’ plant can be portable or relocatable and is offered in production ranges from 120tph to 500tph.

Counterflow Dryer: The Duo Drum system begins with a counterflow dryer allowing for maximum heat transfer efficiency, low stack temperatures and the ability to use a higher percentage of RAP. As the superheated virgin material travels towards the burner end, it is blended with recycle material as it passes under the burner flame. This process allows for a positive charging of the mixing drum through the high lift side discharge.

Rotary Mixer: A second drum that functions as a rotary mixer is used to allow the superheated virgin material and the RAP material to continue to blend and seek uniform temperature. This process occurs in the first section of the drum mixer. Next, the return dust from the bag filter and any other filler products are added. Finally, liquid asphalt and any liquid additives are added without being subjected to temperature extremes. With no naked flame present, mixing of the various materials can take place more appropriately. Duo Drums are perfectly amenable to Warm Mix Systems. Specially engineered flights and rotational speeds ensure the drum will produce “Super-pave” quality mix.